Today 23rd of Sep 2019

Clouds and rain: A low pressure will bring clouds and some rain.

The weather

Cloudy sky with rain spreading out from Southwest. High values up to 13°/18°.

Mountain weather

Reduced visibility. Some precipitation during the course of the day.

Tomorrow 24th of Sep 2019

Sun and clouds: Temporarily stable conditions with a high pressure system.

The weather

After low stratus clouds in the morning quite sunny with some clouds, no precipitations. After a fresh morning maximum values between 17° and 22°.

Mountain weather

Stable conditions with good visibility on the mountains. Some clouds moving through well above the peaks.

The next days

wednesday 25
Dull, slightly rain
max: 20°
min: 6°
thursday 26
max: 22°
min: 5°
friday 27
Partly cloudy
max: 24°
min: 5°
saturday 28
Very cloudy
max: 22°
min: 7°

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